Main menu

Haute Ukrainian cuisine is turned to be the unique phenomenon which was born in Lipsky Osobnyak. The restaurant menu consists of the national Ukrainian dishes of XVIII – XIX centuries cooked according to the newest technologies of the modern art of culinary.

The Chef being talented artist restores to life the traditions of Haute Gastronomy. He revises the classic rules of Ukrainian cuisine, extemporizes and puts his whole soul into this. Veal in cranberry sauce on honey, dishes of sheatfish, salmon and trout won a great popularity among the guests of the restaurant. Particularly the Chef recommends to taste duck liver in 3 tempting variations – Fouetté, Pâté or tender veal with gilded duck liver, as well as pork on a bone “A la Naturel”, lamb ribs and of course stellate sturgeon caviar.

The dessert list in Lipsky numbers more than a dozen of exclusive masterpieces. You will be amazed with showy serving of flamed desserts and of course you should taste the famous honey cake by Chef.

Special offer. "Fish, Game and noble Truffle"
Cold starters
Delicious pike caviar; served with cream 50/25 97,00
Cream of potato soup with truffles 300 179,00
Salmon baked with shrimps and topped with caviar sauce 150/125 165,00
Fried cod. Served on potato cubes 150/125 159,00
Minced veal with black truffles 150/125 219,00
Roe tenderloin with foie gras. Served under berry sauce with vegetable ratatoille on the side 150/75 575,00
Venison served with prunes and pear marinated in sparkling wine 150/125 499,00
A-la Stroganoff of wild boar. Served with truffle puree 150/125 395,00
French cheese with truffle honey 150/50 315,00
Prunes marinated in red wine and stuffed with almond 150 149,00