About the Restaurant

In 2002 "Mirovaya Karta" restaurant network  had announced the opening of Haute Ukrainian restaurant - first in Ukraine. "Lipsky Osobnyak" had appeared in due time and right place – in dilapidated building at Lipska Street (Yekaterininska Street in the XIX century) which had experienced its second birth.

Architect Vladimir Simonenko began to upgrade the ancient mansion, gently, restoring step by step its aristocratic façade and interiors. Each of three lounges of “Lipsky Osobnyak” is showing its own history by analogy with the architectural fashion of the XIX century.

Drawing room is striking with combination of space and chamber created by dark wood decoration, claret-coloured furniture upholstery, antique grand piano Shröeder and light play in pendants of massive chandelier. Spacious staircase leads to the Gallery where graceful antique bagatelles are there along with old books. Real fire is merrily flaming in fireplace at the Fireplace lounge where walls are decorated with Ukrainian baroque ornament. And a little away there is a freshly purling fountain at lonely, shady summer mansion’s terrace facing the yard.

If the guests of the capital ask to escort them to the best restaurant Kiev they surely will be directed to Lipsky Osobnyak – because it is the island of miraculously preserved atmosphere of an old aristocratic city.  Just this atmosphere defines particular careful service, choice of ingredients (“Only the best!”) and spectacular wine collection. Visiting the restaurant in the center of Kiev you get to know the soul of our city. Best restaurants in Kiev guides include Lipsky Osobnyak with no fail.

The best restaurant in Kiev will present you the evening which will stay in your memory for a long time – the candles in fanciful candelabrums, the sound of the ancient piano, noble wine and delightful meal.

Welcome to Lipsky Osobnyak - best restaurant in Kiev of Ukrainian cuisine!